Flathound is a team of dedicated associates who work to get the right apartment for you. They are conveniently located in Boston and have many exclusives in the area.


When should I start my search?

If you are looking to move on any other date than September 1, you should begin looking approximately two months before the anticipated lease start date. Most landlords require only thirty to sixty days’ notice of lease renewal from their tenants.

September 1st is the exception to the rule and the time to begin your search depends on what you are looking for. Larger groups of Boston College Students should start looking for apartments as early as September of the previous year. Larger groups of students attending other Boston area universities will find the best selection of apartments for them will become available as early as January. Apartments of all sizes will come onto the market as early as March.

Apartments of all sizes will continuously be added to the market from January through August, but the above guidelines will help you time your search for when the best options are available to you. Keep in mind that the best deals will rent quickly.

What will I need to do once I found an apartment I want?

Once you have found your new home you will need to fill out an application and leave a deposit for one month’s rent and the application fee ($10.00/application). The apartment will be placed on hold as the background and credit checks are performed and co-signer information (if required) is gathered.

If your application is rejected by the landlord your deposit will be returned less application fees.

What will my move in costs be?

Landlords in the Boston area generally require first month’s rent, last month’s rent and a security deposit equal to one month’s rent to move in. The security deposit is held in an escrow account and will be refunded after your tenancy (plus interest) as long as you don’t cause any damage beyond normal wear and tear.

You may also be charged a lock change fee to have a new lock installed after the old tenant vacates the apartment.

What does Flathound Realty charge?

Flathound Realty charges a finder’s fee of one month’s rent. If you are moving September first you can expect to pay all of the fee. All or part of the fee may be paid by the landlord for vacant apartments or those with odd move in dates (i.e. November 1st.) You can search Flathound.com to find those apartments where the landlord is paying some or all of the fee.

We realize that four month’s rent can be hard to come up with all at once. Payment plans can be established to spread the payments out over time.

What is a co-signer and will I ned one?

A co-signer is someone that signs a notarized document informing the landlord they will take ultimate responsibility for the rent payments. If you fail to pay the rent the landlord will turn to your co-signer for payment.

If you are a student or have a poor credit history the landlord will ask for a co-signer. The co-signer can be any US resident with a good credit record and a social security number who is willing to assume responsibility for rental payments should you default.

Where can I park my car?


Parking on most streets in Boston requires a resident permit. This permit is provide free of charge by the city to those who show a valid Massachusetts automobile registration showing your car registered and principally garaged in your name from your current Boston address as well as proof of residency. The permit will allow you to park in resident only spaces within your neighborhood (i.e. Fenway/Kenmore) If you do not want to change your registration off street parking runs anywhere from $100 to $350 per month depending on the neighborhood.


Brookline prohibits overnight parking on it’s streets, weather you are a resident or not. Off street parking in Brookline will range from $150 to $350 a month.


Cambridge offer a similar program as Boston but charges a fee of $8.00/year for the permit. Off street spaces go fro $100 and up.

Will my landlord let me have a pet?

Generally landlords in the Boston will allow tenants to have a cat. Finding an apartment that allows dogs is where you will have trouble. If you do have a dog be sure to tell your agent so you don’t waste time looking at apartments that prohibit dogs. Those landlords that do allow dogs generally have breed and weight restrictions on what is permissible. You can search our site for those apartments that do allow dogs.

I saw an ad for a one bed split, what does that mean?

A one bed split is an apartment that can be used as a regular one bedroom or as a two bedroom apartment without a living room. The apartment layout is such that each bedroom can be accessed individually (you don’t need to walk through the living room to get to the bedroom). This is a great option for those looking to keep costs down as much as possible. The price of a one bed split will fall between an comparable one bedroom and a comparable two bedroom.

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